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"Child project" discussing global research related to parenting issues and the presence of father and mother with the child.

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Roomvitro does not only work on the basis of coparenting, whose heroes are singles who want to have a child, but due to the lack of a partner, they are looking for a person who will become a biological co-parent. The project "Lets make a child for ourselves" and raise it together, without the need to be a couple. is a social networking site that connects aspiring parents with one another. If you are single and have not found a partner with whom to have a child yet, visit to find a person dealing with the same problem and having the same expectations. The website makes it possible for its users to exchange information and, consequently, to find the right partner with whom to have a child through natural conception, IVF or artificial insemination and start a family.

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Our website is intended to help its users find a partner to have a child with. RoomVitro is not a dating website, marriage bureau or a sperm bank (we do not offer egg and sperm donation services or surrogate services). RoomVitro is a social networking site through which you can find a partner with whom to have a child and start a family. It is an online tool designed to help you seek out a person who has the same preferences as you and who seeks to have a child through natural conception, in vitro fertilization or artificial insemination and wants to have a stable partnership or marriage.

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Recommendations for RoomVitro participants who managed to meet and achieve their goal. The users who shared the good news with us were intentionally changed.


Thank you to for effectively finding a woman with whom we have created a beautiful relationship. We have been struggling for a few weeks to expand our family.


At first I would say that I had to remove the profile from the site after a long wait, when Marcin finally appeared. In just a few months we are waiting for our son. It is good that you are and you fulfill your dreams.


I was looking for a long time on the dating sites without success, in most cases people are looking for something other than a declaration. Thankfully, thanks to the procreation service I have a wonderful daughter, cordiality for you and for my mother s baby!

Do not search for dates, just find a family!

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